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If you are planning your next trip in Europe, the Algarve should definitely be on your must-visit list!

The southern part of Portugal, the Algarve is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. And no wonder that culture and history rich region with spectacular coastline, beaches, crystal clear waters and nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year make the Algarve a perfect holiday destination all year round.

The most popular and well developed central part of the Algarve region contains plenty of vibrant holiday resorts, the most picturesque beaches and some of the world’s best golf courses. 

The east part of the Algarve region contains many islands, sand dunes, marshes and lagoons that form a Ria Formosa nature park. This part of the Algarve also contains some beautiful traditional Portuguese villages and towns.

The western part of the Algarve is very different from the rest of the region. It is much quieter and remote and perfect for someone who wants to escape the crowds. 

The Algarve is also renowned for its friendly multilingual people. The country on the whole is officially one of the most peaceful and friendly countries in the world and the Algarve is of no exception. If you need any help, just ask, you may be surprised by the warm, informative and friendly response and quite often in your native tongue. Pretty much everyone in the Algarve speaks English, however very frequently Algarvian people also know French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.  

The Algarve region features great and healthy cuisine with many fresh fish, seafood and meat dishes. You will find many great and well priced restaurants even in the most touristy locations. Algarvian restaurants are usually family owned, food is prepared from scratch and the desserts are truly spectacular. The atmosphere of most restaurants is rustic, although many modern restaurants have opened over the recent years, both styles offer cosy family friendly dining. It is also worth mentioning, that wine in Portugal is of unsurpassed quality, yet is still very well priced.  Most wine is produced by small vineyards, some of which have been producing wine for centuries. 

Discover the Algarve, the region where you can explore medieval castles, wonder through tiny cobblestone streets, visit traditional Portuguese towns and villages, taste some of the best food in the world or just soak up the sunshine.

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